Carter Adams

Carter Adams is the owner of Carter Adams Floors, formerly Carter Adams Hardwood Floors. Carter started early in the floor business working summers and holidays for his parents who owned and operated Adams Tile and Floor Covering Co. After graduating from Arkansas High School, Carter went to Southern Methodist University and earned a B.A in English, spending his junior year in Paris. During his senior year, he applied for and won a Rotary Foundation Fellowship to do graduate work at the University of Madrid in Spain. After that year Carter went to Florence, Italy and enrolled in the University to focus on Italian art, literature, and music. Upon his return to the United States two years later, he began his Master’s degree at the American University in Washington, D.C. When he completed his Master’s in Spring of 1983, he decided to return home to work at Adams Tile while deciding on what to do next and he has been working in the floor business ever since.


Carter decided to go into his own business in 1999 in order to focus solely on hardwood floors. Carter Adams Hardwood Floors has earned a reputation second to none over the years as a company that performs the very best work under any circumstances. Carter says that his customers are paying for a top-quality job and that is what they will get every time.


Larry Paez

Larry Paez is a first-class sand and finish professional. He seems to have been born with a knack

for making floors look their best. According to Carter Adams, Larry defines integrety. “He is the

same honest and forthright person whether you are standing next to him or are a thousand miles

away,” says Carter. “Larry will always do his best whether it’s easy or difficult.” A family man,

Larry enjoys activities with his wife and kids, as well as music. He plays the guitar and bass.

Josh Cardenas

Josh Cardenas is our detail man. “ If Josh can’t cut a piece of wood to fit, it probably can’t be

done,” says Carter Adams. Josh started working at Carter Adams Floors right out of high school

and has shown a tremendous aptitude for the job. He is a perfectionist by nature and is also very

patient, which is a valuable combination in our business. Josh also enjoys music and serves as the company’s unofficial song library. Whenever we hear a song and want to know the name or who sings it, Josh usually knows.

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